Organizations and Affiliations:

  • Delta Sigma Theta Inc.

  • Jack and Jill of America

  • The International Women’s Leadership Association

  • League of Women Voters 

Angel Brown

Displaying My Passion

Discovering My Purpose

Defining My Plan

Those three short phrases are the road map of my life.  

I am Angel Brown and I live my life to the fullest.  I am a woman of passion, courage and faith.  My desire has always been to help others in life as others have helped me in mine.  As a Christian, I believe I have been given an opportunity to do something great.  My something great is to help others grow, develop and live the life they are destined to live. While attending Loyola University, I discovered my passion.  While working at the local food bank and mentoring students at local magnet school, I knew helping others live their best life and assisting in their success was my true calling. This became my passion. 

My purpose has been revealed over time. I have worked and grown in corporate America working in the best industry in the country- the advertising industry. I have sat on boards and worked with organizations to positively effect communities and cultures.  My professional and civic accomplishments have contributed to my purpose, but did not complete me. My true purpose lies with my family.  I am the wife to James Brown and he helps define my purpose. Our daughter, Alexandra Brown, is the epitome of kindness and she too gives me purpose.  I am the mother of an amazing son, Anthony Taylor and he is my purpose.  My family completes me. They give me strength and courage to display my passion. They give me hope and courage to define my plan. 

My plan has been defined. 


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